Sharp Chop-Syc Chopping Board Offers Digital Distractions to Slice Your Fingers Off to

By Gerald Lynch on at

Did the Jetsons ever do any cooking, or did they just leave absolutely everything up to their robot slaves? If they ever did get around to putting their own meals together, they'd have probably used their vibro-knives to chop up ingredients on something like this, the Chop-Syc interactive chopping board.

The fruits of Sharp's paid internship competition, Siobhan Andrews put together the tablet-like kitchen prototype, which is designed to encourage healthy eating.

Connecting over Wi-Fi and charging on a wireless mat to prevent shocking electrical wire slices, the Chop-Syc has built in Recipe Builder apps alongside an integrated set of scales, allowing the board to calculate the perfect portion sizes. Select a pre-set recipe or create your own and the Chop-Syc will even contact Asda, Tesco, Waitrose or Sainsbury's and sort out a delivery of ingredients for you.

Check it out in action in the clip below.