Shoddy Home Internet Set-Ups Waste Enough Bandwidth to Power iPlayer for 59 years

By Gary Cutlack on at

Crappy wiring, half-broken filters and poorly set-up routers are some of the more obvious reasons people off a less technically adept nature suffer slow broadband connections, with the wasted bandwidth enough to run the BBC's iPlayer service to everyone for 59 years.

The stats come from the ISP division of TalkTalk, which claims poor set-ups are causing households to miss out on around 100 million megabytes of bandwidth each year. Which, mathematically speaking at least, is enough wasted potential internet to run the iPlayer service for 59 years.

In terms of hard facts, TalkTalk's engineers believe around 500,000 UK homes are losing out on around 4Mbps of additional potential connection speed due to crappy wiring. So give everything a good jiggle tonight and get that spare filter out. Perhaps even blowing the dust out of stuff might help. And wipe that monitor while you're at it. It's disgusting. [Telegraph]