Shooting Challenge #23 (Trees) -- The Winner Is...

By Martin Snelling on at

Our most recent Shooting Challenge was all about trees; many of you took the opportunity to explore the countryside and take some fantastic photographs. Illness didn't stop one Giz reader from participating -- that's dedication for you!

Let's get down to business shall we? This week's winning photograph submitted by Ian Moore rings true of the old adage, 'the best camera you have is the one you have with you'.

The photograph was taken with an iPhone 5 and is a fantastic example of composition and framing. The path leads the eye into the picture and on to the tree. The absence of colour and the mist gives the impression of stillness and serenity; yet it's mysterious too. The lower branch offering shelter to the bench.

Here are a few words from Ian:

"This image was taken using my iPhone 5 on a morning stroll with my son. Normally I would use my SLR but on this particular morning I decided to leave my Nikon at home and try my hand at some iphoneography. As we were wandering along this path on the misty morning we happened to come across this fantastic tree and with the background as misty as it was plus the way the path leads you into and up the the tree i knew i had an epic shot on my hands. I also loved the way the bottom branch reaches out over the bench underneath it and adds a frame within a frame to the image. Black and white serves this image very well because it helps tell a story of mystery and is one of my favourite shots I've ever made."

Well done Ian; this is the sort of picture I would have hanging on my wall at home.

As usual, I must also congratulate the following people for their submissions; it was a close run race this week.

Andrew Wilson -- loved the reflection and the isolation, even though there are lots of trees in the background.

Ian Gordon -- Great crop, angle and crisp blue sky.

Dee Ireland -- We had a couple of really low-angled submissions, but for me this was the strongest. I really loved the warmth of the image.

Jack Mason -- I call this one The Usual Suspects; fantastic silhouette against the setting sun.

Salva Giminez -- I really liked this alternative take on the brief; the focus of the image being on the autumnal leaves. I also liked the shallow depth of field.

Finally, I must give one last shoutout to Darryl Stark. He was too ill to venture out to photograph a real tree, so he used his iFruit phone in GTA V and photographed a virtual tree instead. You sir are a genius.

Do you have a favourite? Take a look at the gallery on Flickr and let us know in the comments below.

Thanks again to everyone that took time to make their photographs; there were some crackers! There will be another shooting challenge for you next week; the subject of which will be...revealed then or sooner on my Twitter account.