So How Much Of Your Food Goes In the Bin?

By Chris Mills on at

For the first time in its history, Tesco has revealed its food waste figures -- and they're pretty stunning. According to them, around £700's worth of food is wasted by families every year -- which, given that the average family food budget is around three grand, sounds shockingly high to me. What do you reckon?

Tesco's numbers on household waste indicate that it's just part of the problem, though, as a disappointingly large amount of food gets thrown out by Mr. Every-Little-Helps itself -- around 30 per cent of bagged salads, for example, never ever make it out of the store. Even more distressingly, around half of the delicious pastries we buy from the bakery get unceremoniously dumped, next to 40 per cent of the apples and a quarter of grapes.

To combat the problem, Tesco's ending the long-run buy-one-get-one-free deal on some perishable products, which sounds sensible to me -- we've all been there before with the buy-the-salad-now, forget-at-back-of-fridge, eat-takeaway-curry-later routine. But still, with waste so high, there's got to be more to the solution than messing with a few labels on shelves and telling us all once again what terrible, planet-killing consumers we all are.

So, dearest readers: if, God forbid, you were in charge of Tesco: what would you change to make this little problem go away? And no, you're not allowed to say "only sell bacon". That's cheating. [Metro]

Image credit: Rotten food from Shutterstock