So-So Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales May Push Galaxy S5 Launch Forward to January

By Gerald Lynch on at

Despite announcing considerable sales of 20 million units back in July, it seems Samsung's Galaxy S4 hasn't hit the internal sales targets set for it. So, rather than upping the marketing budget, Samsung is said to be pushing the S4 to one side, bringing the release of the Galaxy S5 forward. And its launch could be as close as 100 days away.

A January launch kind of makes sense too. It'd give Samsung a show-stopping device to lord over the CES masses, while placing the Galaxy S5 a good 8 or so months ahead of any iPhone 6 release. As for internals, rumour has it that the S5 will come packing a 16MP camera with optical image stabilisation and Samsung's own Exynos processor rather than a Qualcomm built one. [Naver via Android Beat via Guardian]