Somebody Tell This Chinese News Show That Halo's Master Chief Isn't Part of the US Army

By Gerald Lynch on at

They've already fictitiously employed the services of Captain America and Iron Man; the US Army would be all-but invincible if they somehow convinced Master Chief to join their ranks too. Thankfully, just like the comic book heroes, he's not a real person, so that will never happen. Somebody should tell the China Central Television station that though, as it's convinced Uncle Sam is putting together an army of 26th Century super-soldiers.

Remember the smart armour we wrote about a little while back? The station was covering that for its regular propaganda round-up on the New Defence Observations show. Fronted by Professor Li Li, a "military questions expert", she spoke at length about the "US Military Concept Armour", as the footage captured in a screengrab below was shown:

Look familiar? That's because it's actually the work of the 405th, a group of Halo cosplay enthusiasts:

Sleep tight, Chinese fear mongers -- at least he isn't wielding a Nerf Needler. [Kotaku]