Sony's Smartphone Ambitions Include Being the Third Biggest-Seller In Europe

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's new boss Kazuo Hirai has revealed that the tech giant has no plans to aggressively push its smartphones in the US or China, the two largest marketplaces for mobiles. He appears to be happy enough with just 2.2 per cent of the global market via a relatively decent performance in Europe and Japan.

Speaking to journalists about the company's smartphone plans, Hirai is reported to have told the press: "Those two [Japan and the EU] are the most important areas for us and we'll put substantial resources there. But not yet for the US and China." He added that: "It's not realistic to try to do everything at once. In the US we'll start gradually."

Sony still plans to increase its smartphone sales this year, though, and is hoping to shift 42 million this financial year. That's 27 per cent more than it managed last year, thanks to those flash new Xperia models it's been relentlessly pumping out. [Reuters]