Steve Wozniak Unimpressed With iPad Air, Plus: He Doesn't Have Broadband!

By Gerald Lynch on at

He may have once been Steve Jobs's right-hand man, but Steve Wozniak couldn't give a damn about Apple's newly-revealed iPad Air.

Speaking today at the Apps World event in London, Wozniak admitted to missing last night's Apple keynote due to being in-transit to the O2-hosted event. However, upon touching down and catching up with the news, the Woz found himself thoroughly unimpressed.

"When I finally took a look at the devices, the iPads didn't hit my needs," he said. Speaking specifically about the iPad Air he noted: "Yes it's thinner but I wanted storage."

With a 128GB iPad Air available, Woz's bugbear seems a strange one. But there's an equally strange reason for his issue: Steve Wozniak, technology luminary, doesn't have a broadband connection.

"I don't have broadband at home, so I carry all my personal media in the iPad," he added.

"So I was hoping Apple has a 256GB iPad. I can't order a movie from iTunes and watch it straight away. I could wait for it but I get bored by then. It's because of my lousy phone company, but that is life. It is really sad as I was the one that had a 1MB line back in the day when everyone else was on dial up. I was the king of the hill."

With Wozniak dissing iPads and revealing his broadband woes, I'm betting there's an exec somewhere in Mountain View clamouring to get the man kitted out with a Google Fiber connection. [TechRadar]