Stick Yourself in the (Holographic) Beatles at London Music Museum's 3D Exhibit

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new music-themed museum in London will bring the Tupac-reviving holographic technology to the masses, letting music fans play alongside 3D recreations of bands and singers -- then go home with a DVD of it all to baffle friends and relatives with.

The plan for the new Music Hall of Fame in Camden is to let visitors get on stage with bands and singers dead or alive (and perhaps even the mighty Dead or Alive), possibly recreating famous moments in music. You could stage dive with Nirvana, kneel down adoringly to be anointed by Morrissey, or pay extra to have John Lennon duet with you on a performance of 'Bad Romance'. Anything ought to be possible with pliable holographic people.

It's not opening for a while, though. The Music Hall of Fame and its holographic celebrity singers ought to be ready for business within the next 18 months. [Standard]

Image credit: The Beatles from Shutterstock