Sweden's Homeless Now Accepting Mobile Payments for Local Big Issue Sales

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some homeless folk in Stockholm selling the city's equivalent of the Big Issue are now wired up to accept mobile payments, thanks to a deal to provide them with smartphones and card reader dongles to take money from cashless modern commuters.

The scheme saw mobile payment specialist iZettle provide its hardware to five sellers of local street magazine Situation Sthlm for a month. According to iZettle (which has a bit of a vested interest, but still), modern people are now so trusting of banks and card security measures that they're happy to hand over their plastic and PIN numbers when paying, even when outside of the security of modern coffee shop franchises.

The smartphones and card readers are kept at the Situation Sthlm head office, and simply collected by street vendors along with the latest copies of the magazine. [Guardian]