SwitfKey's New "Layouts For Living" Let You Customise the Android Keyboard

By Gerald Lynch on at

SwiftKey is already the go-to keyboard app for many Android users, but with so many different tablet, smartphone and phablet screen sizes out there, its one size fits all approach just won't cut it anymore. The new "Layouts for Living" update will sort that right out.

It's bringing fully customisable keyboard sizes and placement to Android, letting you drag, resize and place the SwiftKey software keyboard anywhere you like on your device's screen, and letting you tailor the experience for one or two-handed typing.

The update will also add a trio of preset sizes and layouts for specific purposes. "Compact" squeezes down the keyboard to a more manageable one-handed size for phablets and tablets, "Full" is an expanded two-handed typing layout complete with left-right cursor keys and a backspace button, while "Thumb" splits the keyboard in half and pushes the parts to the extreme sides of the screen for dual-thumb tapping.

Available in beta now, you can download the update here.