Tesla Model S Car Goes Up In Flames, But Driver Still Loves His Electric Wheels

By Gerald Lynch on at

Electric cars -- less petrol, less chance of them exploding into a ball of flames, right? Wrong, as this clip of a Tesla Model S burning up after a crash shows. It looks bad, but would it have been worse in a standard petrol-powered car?

The £38K car of the future collided with a "metallic object" in the road, leading to a punctured battery which caught fire. The driver left the vehicle unscathed, with the delay in the spread of the fire down to the car's smart design, with internal firewalls surrounding the battery pack and protecting the driver's compartment.

"The car performed very well under such an extreme test," said Robert Carlson, owner of the deceased Tesla. "The batteries went through a controlled burn which the internet images really exaggerates."

Despite the praise, Tesla's stock still dipped 6 per cent in the aftermath of the clip being published online. [Jalopnik]