The Queen is Not Amused By Kids' Video Game Habits

By Gerald Lynch on at

It must be all lawn bowls and croquet for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she's on her down-time, as she has revealed herself as quite the video game skeptic during an MBE presentation at Buckingham Palace.

Awarding Chocolat author Joanne Harris with the award, the Queen asked for the writer's thoughts on the balance between children's video game hobbies and reading habits.

"She asked me what I thought about e-books and computer games and said that she feared that children were playing with those more than they were reading books", said a diplomatic Harris.

"So I told her that we start them on e-books and computer games and TV and then try to get them on to books later."

It seems that gold-plated Wii that THQ sent through to the monarch was a wasted effort then. [Express via Kotaku]

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