The Royal Mail's Underground Rail Network May Be Reopening

By Chris Mills on at

One of London's best-kept secrets is that there's a second Tube system, formerly operated by Royal Mail but now left to ruin, lying abandoned underneath the capital. However, it might not remain secret much longer -- the Post Office has just submitted plans to get the old lady up and running again.

According to a planning application lodged with Islington Council, the intention is not to use the Mail Rail in its former role to transfer letters across the capital. Rather, it's to reopen a section of the Rail, and its associated underground nooks and crannies, to the public as part of a museum about Royal Mail's history.

The site in question lies underneath the Royal Mail Mount Pleasant Sorting Office. As well as the Mail Rail tunnels and stations itself (which lucky visitors would actually get to ride on!), there's also a giant Batcave-esque underground work space, which, according to the plans, would be turned into a more conventional museum.

There's no timeline for the project as of yet; but with the creation of an above-ground museum and archive to go along with the underground project already approved, I'm sure that the Post Office will be keen to get a move on. And, unlike with your neighbour's conservatory extension, there won't exactly be any quibbling over whether the planning application is going to block your view. [Time Out]

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons