The Vagina Cake, as (NOT) Seen on The Great British Bake Off

By Gerald Lynch on at

Vagina cakes are a thing now. I've been sitting looking at these pictures for a good long while (too long), trying to come up with some sort of Mary Berry joke to do them justice, and I can't. I'm sorry, I just cant.

They're just the most spectacularly inappropriate things to bring to a baby shower that I can think of (and that's where they most often turn up, apparently). Being a dude, and not having the prerequisite equipment to carry a child, I can only speculate here. But if I was ready to push a new little life out into the world, I'm pretty sure the last thing I would want to see, let alone cut into and eat, would be a recreation of my vagina at the insanely painful point of my as-yet-unborn child's crowning. And that bottom picture below? That is just all kinds of weird.

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