The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Hindsight is a bitch, there's no denying it. Whether it's figuring out the perfect comeback to an argument three weeks later, or realising that spending over £1,000 on a Macbook and installing Windows was a pretty stupid idea (you know who you are, Chris). Anyway, here are some of the latest apps to take your mind off your own hindsight issues; gathering them helped a little with mine, so enjoy!


iPhone Apps

Business Card Reader Pro: Managing your contacts, let's face it, can be a bit of a pain. The more we use our phones, the more info we inevitably have to put into them. Business Card Reader Pro is one step closer to that being less of a hassle. It works very simply -- it scans the business card and automatically inputs the data into your address book. But as business is an international endeavour, the app is capable of recognising cards in 15 different languages including French, Swedish, Japanese and Korean. [£4.99]

Grazia UK: Published weekly, Grazia is the go-to place for fashion news, beauty trends and much more. The app now includes functionality for the iPhone meaning you can now carry around multiple issues inside your pocket. Buy, download, and read all from the palm of your hand. [Free - With in-app purchases]

Great Britain & Ireland - The Michelin Guide: Fancy a new restaurant? Don't know which hotel to stay at whilst on holiday? Have no fear! Regardless of your budget or tastes, the Michelin Guide has a comprehensive guide to restaurants and hotels within Great Britain and Ireland. Search by address, mark your favourites and share with the community. [£5.99]

Artsy: Ever wanted to visit an art exhibition only to be separated by vast oceans and a limited bank balance? Artsy is the app for you. With a database of over 60,000 artworks on display at galleries and museums around the world, this app will make sure that if you can't see it in person you can have the next best thing. Best of all, it's updated daily. [Free]

Top Movies: A must for film fans, Top Movies features a zoomable timeline of the history of cinema. Scroll forwards and backwards in time, view by year, month or day. An excellent tool for viewing the details of cinema throughout the ages. A darn sight more fun than IMDB as well. [Free]


iPad Apps

The Love Book:  A nice little collection of poems, short stories, quotes and letters about, surprise surprise, love. Content is included from writers such as Shakespeare, JK Rowling, Jane Austen, and features the voice talents of Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Hiddleston, Damian Lewis and others. Great for a literature student, or a poetry lover. [£1.99]

The Wagner Files: A comic based app focusing on the life of composer Richard Wagner. But not just that, this nifty creation is also augmented by photos, videos, animation, and of course music. A great purchase for any classical music fanatic. [£3.99]

Transport Tycoon: The classic PC game comes to iOS with a host of exclusive new features. Build an empire or just mess around, transport Tycoon includes everything you need to set up your own simulated transport system, whether it be air, sea, road, or rail. [£4.99]

MashupDJ: MashupDJ allows you to channel your inner, guess what, DJ. Select any two songs from their extensive catalogue and at the click of a button the app will create a mix unique to you. But if you're feeling adventurous you can go into advanced mode and manually mix the entire song yourself. Share your songs with your friends or with the world. Great for messing around, or practising for your own DJing ambitions. [Free]

The Cave: The guys at Sega have come a long way since Sonic the Hedgehog made his debut in 1991. The Cave is one of their latest outings. With seven characters, each with their own abilities and skills, and multiple paths to choose, you can descend into the cave and discover the truth about your characters' pasts. [£2.99]

Android Apps

The Washington Post: The Washington Post for Android phones has been out a while, but the latest update configures it for use on your tablet. No longer will you be forced to read your news in tiny font! Unless you don't have a tablet, in which case you're a little stuck. Read the day's news posts, comics and columns right there in the palm of your hand. Sadly you only get a month's free trial before they start asking you to subscribe. [Free - One month subscription free trial]

Yarrly: People love making memes, but chances are if you're not adept at graphic design, you're stuck with a set number of templates. Yarrly is a bit different, use your own photos or ones you've downloaded and make your own memes or vertical comics. Better yet, the whole thing doesn't require any sort of log in and uploading them to the public gallery is completely anonymous. God knows there isn't much of that these days. [Free]

Pinball Rocks: In the days before broadband we could always count on Microsoft's Pinball to entertain us if the connection was down, or someone needed to use the phone. Pinball Rocks features a unique twist of the classic game; each game you play is accompanied by a track from one of many different rock bands, including: AC/DC, Alice In Chains, Bullet for my Valentine, and Slayer. Imagine Guitar Hero but pinball, and without the fiddly controller. [Free]

iSequences: iSequences is one of many new educational apps aimed at children, but this one is slightly different in that it is particularly aimed at children with autism or other special needs. The aim is to help children practice day to day things such as brushing their teeth, going to the doctor, or getting the bus. The ultimate goal being to prevent it from being a huge shock when it happens in the real world. [£1.92]

Mobie: This handy little app has six important functions to help keep your phone experience the best possible: Security, anti theft, power management, data use, memory booster, and app recommendations. With a simple interface and everything kept in one place, it is the ideal management tool for your phone to keep it secure and in tip-top shape. [Free]


Windows Phone Apps

DualShot: Selfies seem to be all the range these days. Whether they be on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, you just can't get away from them. Why not make your selfies that bit more interesting with DualShot, a neat little tool that will take a picture from both of your phone's cameras. One of you and one of the surroundings. [Free]

Monsters University: Film marketeers seem to have realised that two-bit game tie-ins for consoles are a thing of the past, deciding instead to focus their efforts on mobile gaming. Monsters University is such a title, with two mini games based on the recent Pixar outing. Play as three different characters, unlock power ups and get the highest score possible! [£0.79]

Flashcards Pro Free: School terms are well underway and universities across the country are gearing up for the year ahead. Flashcards Pro Free is a great little revision tool with millions of sets of cards included, covering a variety of topics. Better yet, it has a built-in custom card maker on the off chance that your chosen topic is not available. [Free]

StarChart: Ever wondered exactly which stars you're looking at at night? Fear no longer! StarChart utilises your phone's built in GPS to work out exactly what's above you in the sky, day or night. Just point your camera and voilà! Instant map of the stars. [£0.79]

Pepper: Love live music? Want to learn more about your local music scene perhaps? Pepper is the app for you. This handy little social network will show you which events your friends enjoyed; who's playing nearby, and even an option to purchase tickets in-app. Perfect for out-hipstering the hipsters when you can actually prove you liked a band before they were cool. [Free]