The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

My mum announced this week that she wants a tablet (even though she already has an iPad), so for some reason it become my job to go out and research her options. She was very specific with what she wanted as well, it had to have a screen larger than seven inches and cost less than £200. Not the simplest of tasks to be honest.
Frankly if I'm going to research things for the benefit of other people I'd rather it be something more meaningful, so I went off and found you a selection week's latest apps:


iPhone Apps

Hop: Previously known as Ping, Hop is a way of making your email time more interesting and make it more like an instant messenger. Rather than having to search back for old emails or reading through the not-so-easy-on-the-eyes quotes system many email clients use, Hop turns your email exchanges into a free flowing conversation. With document sharing, video and voice calls, Hop may well replace your native email app for the better. [Free]

Lonely Planet Fast Talk Phrasebook: Fancy travelling but scared that you'll fail with the local lingo? The Fast Talk Phrasebook from Lonely Planet is just what you need. With the choice of Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Latin American Spanish it's the perfect tool to help you pick up essential phrases on the go. [Free]

Stoptober: We may be over the half way through October, but that shouldn't mean that you can't take part in the Stoptober campaign. The app features guides, advice, and a variety of daily motivational messages - all to help you kick the habit. [Free]

Runtastic Six Pack: Designed to help you get that ever coveted sixpack, Runtastic Six Pack is the perfect alternative to those somewhat costly personal trainers. With a 10 week plan Runtastic will guide you towards achieving a flat, toned stomach with a variety of pre-set and custom workout videos. A quick and easy way to help you get yourself in shape and stay that way. [Free]

Thingiverse: From MakerBot the 3D printer company comes Thingiverse. This app gives you access to a community of designers who make their ideas a reality by using 3D printers. See what people have been making, or even share your own. [Free]


iPad Apps

New Statesman: New to the native Newsstand app, New Statesman gives you access to one of the country's best known political and culture magazines. Individual issues can be purchased for £2.99, with monthly (£7.99) and annual (£79.99) subscriptions also available. [Free - with in-app purchases]

Marvel Creativity Studio: This app is aimed at kids, but let's be honest, comics haven't been exclusive to children for a good few decades. Marvel Creativity Studio lets you learn how to draw your favourite superheroes and even create your own comics. Great for any Marvel fan. [Free - with in-app purchases]

Bob Dylan Bootlegs: With a collection of previously unreleased tracks from between 1969 and 1971, this app is a must have for any Bob Dylan fan. With video interviews, interactive lyrics, and galleries of behind the scenes photos - this app provides great insight in Dylan's legendary 50+ year career. [Free]

Batman Arkham Origins: Christmas Eve in Gotham City and Batman has to deal with five assassins after the bounty on his head. Fight your way though the game and survive the night, with potential to unlock exclusive content for the console version of the game. [Free - with in-app purchases]

Help for Heroes - Hero Bears: Control two bears carrying a wounded soldier out of the battlefield, avoiding a variety of obstacles in an attempt to get yourself the best highscore. Better yet £1 from every download goes straight to the Help for Heroes charity. [£1.99]


Android Apps

Aviate: Aviate is cool little app designed to simplify how you browse your phone. With three navigational screens Aviate streamlines your phone to make it faster and more efficient. Just woken up? Aviate will bring up the weather apps and the day's schedule. Maybe you're driving? Aviate will show you traffic updates and directions.
At the moment Aviate is still in beta, but the first 500 lucky readers can use the invite code GIZMODOUK to get instant access. [Free]

Microsoft Remote Desktop: I have often found myself in situations where I really need my computer but I just don't have it with me, like if I've forgotten a file, or I need to do some work whilst out and about. With Microsoft Remote Desktop this will never be an issue ever again. You can connect to a PC remotely and access your files and resources from anywhere - provided you have a steady internet connection. [Free]

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: Sadly one of the downsides Android has compared to iOS is that it is much easier to find your device infected with a virus or malware. So just like a PC you need to protect your device. Malwarebytes will detect and eliminate any malicious spyware or Trojans that are hiding in your phone or tablet, as well as preventing any unauthorised access to personal and location data. Best of all every new app you download will be scanned, so you'll never have to worry again. [Free]

HMV Music: The latest music app on the scene HMV music is here to offer all the best functions any music app has to offer. Hear a song you like but don't know what it is? HMV music will listen and identify for you. See an album cover you like the look of? HMV Music can scan it and open up a preview. But best of all, all the millions of tracks available to download are all DRM free - in your face iTunes! [Free]

Grand Theft Auto V - The Manual: GTA V is a big game, there's no doubt about that and you are bound to get lost or stuck somewhere along the way. With over 100 pages over the likes of game controls and tours through the neighbourhoods of Los Santos, this manual could well come in handy. But maybe you want to struggle through alone, you're a strong independent gamer who don't need no guide. Well the app also includes a fully interactive map to ease your navigation woes. [Free]


Windows Phone Apps

Gmail: It just got a bit easier to access your Gmail on Windows Phone. You can now go straight there with this app, rather than having to navigate through a pesky browser. This app contains all the basic needs for any email app with a nice simple interface. [Free]

Pinterest: All the features of desktop Pinterest available in an app! Keep up with the latest developments in your friends lives, pin and repin anything that takes your fancy. Everything you could want to do on Pinterest is now available in the palm of your hand. [Free]

Car Starter: Phones and cars are usually a pretty disastrous mix. Car Starter simplifies your phones interface to the bare essentials ready for those road based journeys and hopefully keep your attention on the road ahead. Save up to six contacts, access your music directly via touch or voice commands, and store two destinations for quick access directions. A must have if you spend a lot of time in the car. [Free]

UK Radio Streamer: A quick and easy way to find over 300 streaming radio stations from across the UK. Better yet the app plays in the background like a native music app so you can continue to use your phone unhindered. [Free]

GTA V - Maps: Have an interactive collection of maps for GTA V in the palm of your hand. With interactive walkthroughs of multiple locations, collectible locations and three different ways to view the greater Los Santos area, this app is perfect the those of you who haven't quite kicked the GTA V addiction just yet. [Free]