This Encyclopedic Site Contains 41 Years of Video Game Console Design

By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on at

Commercially successful video game consoles—your Game Boys and your PlayStations—are iconic pieces of product design. But they're only part of the story. There are dozens of other machines that either didn't catch on or failed miserably. Evan Amos has devoted himself to cataloging them all.

As Kotaku writer Luke Plunkett explains, Amos is a longtime Wikipedia contributor whose own images populate many of the consoles' pages. He wants to establish a free, online museum based on his collection, including 360 degree views and images of the internal components (check out his Kickstarter here).

More on the project is below. But also be sure to check out the image gallery Amos already maintains. There are plenty of familiar faces, but the real fun begins with the consoles that didn't make it (remember Virtual Boy?). You won't find a more complete visual taxonomy. [Vanamo Online Game Musuem, Kickstarter]