This Giant Fish Carcass Will Scupper Your Sea Swimming Plans and Haunt Your Dreams

By Gerald Lynch on at

Remember the Bible story in which Jesus was said to have fed 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish? I think I've got the "miracle" sussed -- Jesus must have got his hands on two horrifyingly huge oarfish.

A carcass of one such terrifying sea creature, measuring over 18 feet, was discovered by a marine science instructor who was snorkelling near Catalina Island just off the coast of southern California over the weekend. The rare fish breed is thought to have inspired classic tales of deep-sea "Kraken" beasts, and is known to be able to dive as far down into the ocean as 3,000 feet.

And if you think this one's scary, this thing's practically a baby by oarfish standards -- the biggest oarfish can grow to a monstrous 50 feet long. Somebody send in the Pacific Rim Jaegers! [Reuters]