This iPhone Prank Tricks People Into Thinking They're Getting a Text

By Adam Clark Estes on at

You know the feeling. You and a friend are having a conversation via text and the little bubble with the blinking dots shows up indicating that she's typing. So much anticipation! You'd stare at those dots for hours waiting for a text, wouldn't you? Wouldn't it be funny if the dots just kept blinking?

Well, not really. It would not be funny if you were standing there, staring at your phone waiting to get a text for two minutes, much less ten. (You know you've done it.) But if it happened to a friend—now that would be funny.

This is where the pranksters from Miscellaneous Mischief come into the picture. They've built a little single serve website called "Infinite Text-In-Progress" that helps you trick your iPhone-toting friends into thinking they're receiving a text. All it takes is a tiny animated gif that matches the text-in-progress symbol for the iPhone. Just open the page on your phone, tap the animated gif, hit save, and then send it to your friend as a picture text. (Alternatively, you can just copy the image from the page and paste it in a text.) She'll think you're about to send her a text, but alas, you're not.

There is an obvious caveat here: the little "Delivered" line shows up under the text. If you have smart friends, they'll realise that it's a little weird to see "Delivered" below the text-in-progress symbol. They might also think it's weird to get a new text alert when it's just you typing. Then again, everybody's so confused by iOS 7, they might just think it's a new feature.

Now, off you go! Cause trouble!

[Thanks J.K.!]