This Japanese iPhone Gadget Will Spray Meat Smells Up Your Nose

By Gerald Lynch on at

We've all been there, staring at a poorly-stocked kitchen cupboard, filled only with rice and pasta when what you really fancy is a nice hearty steak. But what if you could trick your salivating taste buds into thinking you had a stack of ribs in front of you instead?

That's what Japan's latest WTF iPhone gadget promises to do. The "Hana Yakiniku" (which translates literally to "nose grilled meat") plugs into your iPhone's headphone socket and is loaded up with cartridges that, in conjunction with an app, can spray out one of three scents: Short Ribs, Beef Tongue, and Buttered Potato.

With smell such an important part of the taste experience, the idea is that you sit the Hana Yakiniku in front of while you're eating your gruel, close your eyes, and let the smells trick you into thinking you're having a slap up meal. It's being pitched at cash-strapped students, dieters and daters who don't want to jeopardize their chances of getting lucky due to beefy bad breath.

For now we'll overlook the inevitable problem of a lack of protein in the Hana Yakiniku users' diets, and instead keep our fingers crossed that it makes its way to our shores complete with a "Crispy Bacon" smell cartridge. [IT Media via Kotaku]