Tim Cook Spends Most Time During Apple Events Just Chillin'

By Gerald Lynch on at

Bolshy, in your face and present front-and-centre for the majority of Apple's major keynote events after his return to the Cupertino company in 1997, Steve Jobs was as much the star of Apple's keynotes as the products he was shilling. Tim Cook? Seems he prefers to just kick back in the wings and chill.

According to Mashable's calculations, Cook spends an average of just 23 per cent of Apple keynotes on stage, never spending more than 30 minutes on stage in each of the events he's fronted. For the 1 hour 56 minute iPhone 5 launch, he skived off after just 16 minutes. By contrast, even when gravely ill, Steve Jobs managed to steal the limelight for 46 minutes of the WWDC 2011 keynote -- 63 per cent of its 1 hour 13 minutes duration.

Is Cook shy? Was Jobs an egomaniac? Probably a little bit of both. Cook's been keen to stress though that his tenure as Apple boss will be one built upon collaboration between departments and top execs, so maybe his backseat stance is merely a chance to shine a light on his teammates. [Mashable]