Too Much Box and Not Enough Sex Inside Channel 4's Depressing Sex Box

By Gary Cutlack on at

Channel 4's Sex Box promised an entertaining night of live-sex chat with lovely Mariella Frostrup in charge of things, but in the end viewers were confused by the lack of sex, the box, and the... point of it all.

Metro's put together a list of the most bewildered tweets from disappointed viewers, as the nation came together to gently mock something, like a million Terry Wogans all screaming out at once at the trousers worn by the Belgian Eurovision entry. Jokes mainly centred around comparisons with ITV's quiz show The Cube, and people linking to Tom Jones' Sex Bomb video. It was quite a tedious night on Twitter as well as on the telly.

No one seems to have admitted to liking it or "enjoying" themselves in front of it, either. The participants clearly need GoPros strapping to their heads if it's to be a success. [Metro]