Triggertrap Redsnap Camera Trigger is Fast Enough to Snap a Bullet in Flight

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Triggertrap camera system is an office-wide favourite here at Giz UK, but even its advanced shutter trigger system has its limitations. With the Redsnap kit, the Triggertrap team look to go one better, offering a modular system for remote snapping of all kinds of high-speed subjects.

Building off the core Redsnap unit, the trigger system's individual modules will include a high-speed laser sensor (capable of capturing a bullet in flight that's moved just 24mm from the gun barrel), a high-speed sound sensor perfect for capturing things like popping balloons, a speedy light sensor capable of capturing a lightning strike and a passive infrared sensor that will allow a photographer to get close-up shots of wildlife subjects without ever making the animal aware of the camera's presence.

One of the few Kickstarter-funded companies worth its salt, Triggertrap will again be turning to crowd-funding to get Redsnap into photographers' hands. Depending on the amount pledged, campaign backers can pick up a number of purpose-built kits for timelapse or wildlife shooting, while those flush with cash can cough up £1,000 to gain "Queue Jumper" status, gaining access to "extremely limited" pre-production prototypes. [Triggertrap Redsnap]