It's National Party Time Again as UK Minimum Wage Rockets by 12p an Hour

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you are lucky/unlucky enough to have a job that pays the UK's minimum wage you can afford to treat yourself to a sandwich from the luxury ranges today, thanks to the hourly minimum pay rate rocketing by 12p to sit at £6.31 per hour.

It's not so great for younger workers, though with 18 - 20-year-olds getting a 5p boost to £5.03 and any poor 16 - 17-year-olds working away out there receiving a pitiful extra 4p an hour, taking their rate up to just £3.72 from October 1st, all rises lower than the current rate of inflation. The increases are accompanied by a new government scheme that encourages employees to name and shame companies and individuals that attempt to operate under the radar and don't yet pay the minimum wage.

The change means that if you work an eight-hour day and are paid minimum wage, you'll take home an extra 96p today. To make yourself feel even better about that, round it up to a pound. Enough to treat yourself to almost anything from the numerous pound shops you'll walk past on the way home from your shift. [Moneyfacts]

Image credit: UK money from Shutterstock