Uruguay Selling Legal Marijuana for $1 a Pop

By Chris Mills on at

Live in Uruguay? Often get a hankering for some 'green tea'? Then good news! Not only is the country's president creating a legal industry for the sale and distribution of marijuana, he's doing so at bargain-basement prices -- $1 per gram.

One gram, apparently, is about enough to make one fat joint, or maybe two or three skinny rollies -- meaning that for residents of Uruguay, marijuana cigarettes will cost about the same as their tobacco cousins. That's a deliberate ploy -- the president, José Mujica, is encouraging legalisation as a means of fighting the petty crime and dangerous market currently associated with the production and sale of the drug. Undercutting current dealers is the most efficient way to go about it.

Don't get your hopes up about taking a sudden holiday with some empty suitcases to Montevideo, though -- the sale of marijuana is restricted to residents, and even then to around 40 grammes per month. Still, with the way things are going over the pond, with weed now almost-sort-of-legal in two US states, I'm sure it'll just be a matter of time until you can smoke in peace. Until then, better keep on good terms with your friendly neighbourhood drug dealer. [Guardian]