US Spies Listened to the Phone Calls of 35 World Leaders

By Gary Cutlack on at

Edward Snowden's encrypted locker of governmental misery has revealed new shocking details on the depth of the NSA's surveillance programme, claiming the phone calls of around 35 world leaders were routinely listened to.

German boss Angela Merkel suggested as much yesterday, and today confirmation comes via new files published via the Guardian. The data, from Snowden's cache of secrets, suggests the NSA would encourage other government departments to provide it with the phone numbers of government heads, enabling it to easily listen in on their late night calls to each other about tax, war, who to tax, who to war with, and so on.

None of the "world leaders" involved are specifically named in the files, although it's suggested that "little reportable intelligence" of any actual use was obtained. [Guardian]

Image credit: Eavesdropping from Shutterstock