Vodafone 4G Coverage Speeds Out Over Greater London Area

By Gerald Lynch on at

Zone 6-ers and beyond with a penchant  predominately red-branded mobile phone networks, rejoice! Vodafone has just announced the expansion of its ultrafast 4G service across the Greater London area.

From Harlow to Dorking, Vodafone's 4G service now covers more than 80 towns and districts in and around London, with Vodafone already toting up some 100,000 4G customers.

Playing catch-up against EE's well-established 4G network, Vodafone are still well on track to have 98 per cent of the population covered by 2015. Those holding out for Vodafone's 4G services to hit Liverpool will see the service switched on by October 17th, while Glasgow goes superfast on October 24th.