Watch What Happened When Our Readers Got Hands-On With the Xperia Z1 From Sony

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On a recent blustery day, we climbed the steps of Dalston Roof Park in East London with some of our readers, to shoot, film and stream using the Xperia Z1 from Sony, which was announced last month at IFA. Sony's made big noises about the new 20.7MP camera, but how did our readers get on with it?

Pretty well, actually. The ability to stream video straight to her Facebook fans using the Social live feature struck musician Katey Brooks the most, commenting "I can do a concert, I can chat to them about my latest single; it's just perfect." Meanwhile, photographer Edward Thompson was bowled over by how the Xperia Z1 performed in low-light conditions, not to mention the presence of an actual camera shutter button on the 5-inch body.

The awesome camera functionality stocked inside the Xperia Z1 is thanks to Sony borrowing cutting-edge optics straight from its standalone camera range, not to mention some intuitive camera apps, such as the aforementioned Social live feature. Timeshift Burst mode can capture a huge 61 full-res shots in just two seconds, resulting in a flipbook of photos to flick through to choose the perfect shot. Meanwhile, the Info-eye™ app recognises landmarks and products, giving you AR details on the subject. Perfect for cheating at pub quizzes with, in other words.