Windows 8.1 Mouse Problem Is Busting Up Gamers' Frag Counts

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Windows 8.1 problem may have addressed many of the problems users had when delving into Microsoft's tile-filled operating system, but it seems it's also created a whole new batch of issues that are causing headaches for gamers in particular.

A Reddit thread has seen many PC gamers venting their frustrations, as changes to the way Microsoft's OS now updates mouse pointer positions has rendered a number of top titles pretty much unplayable.

Most affected are Deus Ex: Human Revolution (pictured above) and S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat, but other games suffering from the issue also include the best-selling Call of Duty titles and the atmospheric Metro 2033. The issue seems to hit games that don't use Raw input for mouse movement readings hardest, and though the Reddit thread offers a few plaster-like fixes to cover up some of the smaller issues, Microsoft has yet to offer any solid solution to the problems. [Reddit]