Windows Phone 8.1 Might Be Getting Ready to Take on Tablets

By Eric Limer on at

We've seen our fair share of Windows Phone leaks, in large part thanks to a random Craigslist phone. But there are some under the hood updates coming to WP8.1, and according to Paul Thurrott, they include 10 inch screens.

WP8 GDR3 (Windows Phone 8 General Distribution Release 3), a still unreleased update, is expected to up the Windows Phone screen ante to support 5 and 6 inch phones (like the Nokia 1520), catapulting the OS into the realm of phone sizes occupied by Android. But according to Thurrott's verified but single source, WP8.1 goes even further, bringing 7 and 10 inch options to the table. That's tablet territory.

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