Winter Warmers: Top GALAXY Apps to Prep for Winter

By Your Mobile Life on at

Winter is coming. The nights are getting darker and soon it will be time to dig out your scarf and gloves and get ready for another three months of central heating and wooly jumpers.

We've selected ten apps for the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 to get you in a wintry mood and help prepare you for chilly weather and the fun wintertime activities that will get your through until spring.


Winter apps


Final Countdown

Free – Get it here

If you are celebrating New Year 2014 away from the TV or a big crowd it would be good to know exactly when 2013 shuffles off into history and 2014 bounds into view. Final Countdown is an app for displaying accurate countdown timers for upcoming events, displayed in days, hours, minutes and seconds. New Year is one of the preset timers but you can set countdowns to any date you like, from birthdays to exams.

The app will run full screen but works even better as a widget which can sit on your GALAXY Note 3's home screen and tick down to Midnight. The timer widgets are customisable with different colours and backgrounds.


Winter apps


BBC Weather

Free – Get it here

Winter is traditionally the time for bad weather (who are we kidding, that’s potentially any time in the UK) and the BBC's own weather app is one of the best around. It combines the accurate and trusted data of the Met Office with a well thought-out and clear interface, plus the rather comforting sight of the weather symbols used on BBC weather reports.

Quickly flick through the coming day's weather in multiple locations and get detailed, hour-by-hour predictions of humidity, temperature, wind speed and more to make sure you’re not caught out by a winter flurry when you’re dressed for drizzle.


Winter apps



Free – Get it here

It has now become customary for Twitter users living in the UK to use the service to announce that it is snowing, using the #uksnow hashtag. The locations of people tweeting (derived from their postcodes or just from the geotag of their tweet if they turn on GPS) are collated by this handy app, giving a crowd-sourced view of where it is snowing across the United Kingdom.

You can add your own #uksnow report directly through the app, too.


Winter apps



99p – Buy it here

No, not that kind. This Flasher is an app that could help you survive being stranded in your car. If winter delivers severe weather and the sun has gone down early again and you have a breakdown, the Emergency Flasher turns the Note 3's screen into a glowing plea for assistance.

On running EMERGENCY FLASHER HD you can choose between STOP, HELP or CAUTION as the message to be flashed on your Note 3's screen in bright, contrasting colours. Tapping the display increases the rate of flashing. Simply place your GALAXY Note 3 on your car's rear window ledge or parcel shelf and it will act as both a beacon and warning.


Winter apps


UK Traffic Alerts

£1.20 – Buy it here

And to find out if being stranded in your car is likely... UK Traffic Alerts will give you the instant low-down on the state of major UK roads. Using data from the Highways Agency, this app is a useful driving companion at any time of year, but more so in bad winter weather,

You can select the roads you will be driving along and see alerts for poor driving conditions, road closures or accidents ahead of you on your journey. Alerts appear as 'road signs' on the app's main page and you can select an alert to see more details and pinpoint it on Google Maps relative to your current location.


Winter apps


Fireplace HD

63p – Buy it here

You may be nice and warm in your centrally heated home but you can't beat a real fire for the ultimate in winter cosiness. In lieu of real logs to burn, running Fireplace HD on your GALAXY Note 3 is the next best thing - just fire it up (so to speak) and the Note 3 becomes a portable fireplace with a realistic flame effect.

Just don't try to toast marshmallows on it as this may invalidate your warranty.


Winter apps


Ski & Snow Report

Free – Get it here

If you enjoy winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, this app from top skiing site will give you all the information you need about conditions on more than 2,000 resorts and pistes across the globe. You can see weather conditions, on-the-ground reports from skiers in each location, live webcams and 'Powder Points' alerting you to the biggest new snowfalls.

Trail maps are available for each location and the app will use your GPS coordinates to show you the nearest slopes if you have you skis or board on you and feel the urge to slalom.


Winter apps


My Christmas Shopping List

Free – Get it here

If you installed the Final Countdown app you might now have a timer on your GALAXY Note 3's home screen showing the impending Christmas celebrations. If the proximity of Yuletide is giving you the fear, this handy Christmas Shopping app will make buying gifts and planning your pressie budget a breeze.

Enter the names of everyone you will be buying gifts for and assign each one a colourful avatar, then as you think of a present for each one, just enter the details in the app. The Note 3 will show you what you still have left to buy plus keep a running tally of how much you have spent and show you how much is left of your Christmas shopping budget.


Winter apps


GhostCam: Spirit Photography

Free – Get it here

This Halloween, why not freak out your friends, or even visiting trick-or-treaters, by taking a photograph of them and revealing the spectral form lurking over their shoulder? GhostCam lets you take a super hi-res picture with the GALAXY Note 3’s 13MP camera and then insert a spook.

There are several phantoms to choose from and you can place them wherever you want for maximum creepiness. Older pics from the Gallery can be ghostified too, should you forget and take a 'normal' picture by mistake.


Winter apps


Fireworks Live Wallpaper

Free - Get it here

Should Bonfire Night be rained off this year you can still experience the wonder of fireworks wherever you are with this rocket-powered app which uses the GALAXY Note 3's nifty Live Wallpaper feature to display animation behind your homescreen icons.

This fireworks wallpaper shows artificial displays over a variety of famous views. Fireworks go off randomly and can be adjusted for colour, frequency and size in the app's settings. Optionally, a firework will go off wherever you touch on the home screen's background, if you’re a fan of emitting ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ sounds whenever you’re stabbing at the display.