With the Original iPhone Now a Collector's Item, Have You Ever Saved a Gadget in the Hope of Future Riches?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Despite selling millions of units around the world, the first-generation iPhone has now become something of a collector's item, with mint condition, boxed examples of Apple's first smartphone selling for more now than they did when they were new.

The original iPhone now appears on eBay alongside such classic phrases as "SUPER RARE RETRO," as those lucky enough to have bothered to keep the box their phone came in for this long cash in by selling off the chrome-edged mobile that changed the world.

So have you got anything tucked away in the wardrobe, gradually appreciating in value to pay for your retirement? Or did you ruin yourself financially by acquiring a garage full of BlackBerry PlayBooks when they were discounted? [Sick Chirpse]