Would You Try "Twipping", the Latest Moronic Way to Become an Internet Celebrity?

By Gerald Lynch on at

First there was "planking", then there was my personal favourite "owling", and now, if you're either a) invulnerable, or b) thick as shit, there is "twipping", in which a person purposefully throws themselves down the stairs in order to post a picture of the calamity to Twitter or Facebook.

No, this really is a thing! There are enough people out there twipping for it to have been picked up by mainstream media outlets like The Independent and The Daily Fail Mail, and a quick Twitter hashtag search returns some painful-looking results.

Just look at their blurred, contorted faces! What larks! What joy! What an inevitably unnecessary waste of the emergency services' time!

But whatever. I'm just "Old Man Gerald" to these crazy daredevil kids, sitting on the porch under my tartan blanket, whacking my black and white TV with my amber-tipped walking stick, trying to get a better reception so that I can watch my Last of the Summer Wine re-runs. Twipping may be over my boringly-sensible head, but what about you? Will you be risking life and limb for the anonymous LOLs of the internet?