Would You Wear a Watch That Knows When You Will Die?

By Gerald Lynch on at

"Time, the one thing money can't buy". If you ever use that old adage and a cynic replies that a chunk of cash can buy you a nice new Rolex, point them in the direction of the Tikker. Perhaps the most morbid Kickstarter of all time, it's a wristwatch that is claimed to be able to accurately predict the time of your death, down to the second.

The Tikker maps out your mortality by asking you a series of questions related to your health and fitness. Quizzing you on your diet, family illnesses and fitness regime, you're given a score that can be inputted into the watch, which then calculates your death date. And begins ticking.

"For all of us life comes with a best before date, and one day we'll find ourselves at the end of the line. Gee, you're thinking, this is really depressing!" reads the watch's Kickstarter listing.

"But, wait, there's good news too! While death is non-negotiable, life isn't. The good news is that life is what you make of it – and boy can it be beautiful!"

Could a constant reminder of your own mortality make you rethink your life, for the better? That's the idea. Could it possibly be more depressing than wearing a Samsung Galaxy Gear? Probably not. The Tikker will need to hit its $25,000 Kickstarter goal before it can have a life of its own, but if it did, would you buy it? [Kickstarter via Daily Mail]