Wristify Is a Radiator and Air Con You Can Wear Like a Watch

By Gerald Lynch on at

Heating a whole house come the winter months gets pricey. What if there was something you could wear (other than twelve layers of your nan's lovingly knitted jumpers) that could heat just you, and not the entire room around you?

That'd be the Wristify then. A thermoelectric bracelet, it's been developed by the brains over at MIT, and has the ability to raise or lower the wearer's body temperature several degrees. If a smartwatch is (nearly) a smartphone on your wrist, then this is both a wearable radiator and air conditioning unit for your wrist, all in one.

It's a very smart system. Using a temperature sensor you place on your skin, the wearer sets an optimum temperature they wish their body to feel. The Wristify then measures ambient temperature and, should it detect a rise or drop, uses a copper-alloy-based heat sink to warm you up. Despite only focussing on an isolated area of skin, a 0.1C rise in temperature per second on a small area of skin can make the whole body feel warmer in moments -- just like warming your hands over an open fire. With a built in battery, the Wristify can keep the process going for eight hours straight.

The Wristify team were awarded first place in the MIT Making and Designing Materials Engineering competition. With the $10,000 (£6,180) prize money, they're going to look to take the project from the prototype stages to a proper consumer gadget. [Wristify, MIT]