X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Pits Mutant Pensioners Against Their Younger, Hairier Selves

By Gerald Lynch on at

Fassbender versus McKellan, Stewart versus McAvoy; young Magneto versus old Magneto, young Professor X versus bald Professor X. X-Men Days of Future Past looks as though it could be the X-Men film that would make for sticky pages between some comic book nerds collection's pages. And now we've got the first official trailer.

And it's pretty revealing! There's an all-star cast returning here by the looks of things, from Halle Berry's turn as Storm to the ever-present Hugh Jackman giving Wolverine an extended run out through the rebooted series. Based on one of the most popular storylines in the Marvel universe, it's a time-travelling cameo wishlist featuring many of the big names in superhero-dom. It'll also be the first time the awesome, towering Sentinel bad-guys get some screen time too (though they're notably absent from the trailer above). Hitting cinemas on May 22nd 2014, it might be worth booking the tickets up now.