Xbox One Kinect Sensor Can Now Keep an Eye on You From Just 4.5 Feet

By Gerald Lynch on at

A leaked Xbox One instruction manual suggests that you'll be able to get up close and personal with the console's new Kinect sensor, with the ever-watching eye of Microsoft's machine now happily sitting closer to the player without freaking out.

The document states that the motion sensor can be as close as 1.4 metres, or roughly 4.6 feet away from a player. That's much better than the lengthy six-foot stretch gamers had to find between their consoles and themselves for the first version.

For pretty much everyone other than the stars of MTV Cribs, it's welcome news -- climbing on the sofa in a small UK flat in order for the Kinect-Mark-1 to pick up your wildly flailing limbs was never fun, and the microscopic living spaces of some Japanese city dwellers made the accessory literally useless over there.  For the tinfoil-hat wearing, Kinect-as-NSA-agent conspiracy theorist brigade however, it's a terrifying development in the next-gen console race. [NeoGAF via Eurogamer]