Yahoo Mail Is Switching to HTTPS--Four Years After GMail

By Jamie Condliffe on at

From January 8th, Yahoo will be enabling encryption by default for all of its webmail users. That's great news—it just happens to be four years later than the likes of GMail.

The Washington Post reports that Yahoo will roll out its SSL encryption standard—which has been kicking around as an option for users since earlier this year—as standard at the start of 2014. In contrast, Google offered up SSL as an option in 2008 and made it a default in 2010; Hotmail made it an option in 2010 and a default in 2012, when it became

So, good news, yeah, if you happen to still use the broken email service. Just, like with so many other things, Yahoo is way, way behind the curve—and catching up by copying its rivals. [The Washington Post]