Yes! Leaked Screens Show SMS In Google Hangouts Is Almost Here

By Eric Limer on at

Google's been leaky lately, first with Android 4.4 Kit Kat screens, and then with a whole manual for the Nexus 5. Now, some screens from Android Police are showing off the best upcoming feature on Android: SMS in Hangouts. Yes! Finally!

Of course, as with any leaked screenshots this could be fake, but SMS for Hangouts has been a long time coming and only makes sense. Not only is Hangouts better (and prettier) than the stock messaging app on Android (on phones with the horsepower to run it well), but with its platform-agnostic desktop client, Hangouts stands to be the open iMessage alternative we Android kids have been waiting for.

There's no telling when this could roll out—maybe with 4.4 Kit Kat—but Google's made a habit of rolling out pretty noteworthy feature bumps through Play Store updates, so we've got our fingers crossed for "any day now." It can't come soon enough. [Android Police]