You Can Actually Buy This Electric Flame-Throwing Batpod

By Andrew Tarantola on at

This isn't the motorcycle you need. It's the motorcycle you deserve. You'll be able to conquer Bane and the morning rush hour commute aboard this insane Harley V-Rod mod. And yes, those are dual flamethrowers and shotguns up front.

Built from a 2002 V-Rod chassis, this unique whip packs enough gadgets to make Bruce Wayne salivate. For one, the Batpod's original v-twin engine has been removed entirely to make room for a 65HP HPEVS electric motor—slightly less than the original engine but boasts an additional 17 ft-lbs of torque and runs nearly silently. Its Optima Bluetop batteries only hold enough charge for a 64km round trip but it's not like you'll be stuck in traffic, what with the dual flamethrowers and integrated shotgunsbuilt into its front forks.

You Can Actually Buy This Electric Flame-Throwing Batpod

Those don't officially come "with" the bike—no, no, that is super illegal—but they are packed along with the bike as a "free" option. As the seller explains:

Although the flamethrowers and cannons are in a fully authentic & operable state as pictured, the cannon trigger breach blocks and flamethrower pressure release valves are NOT INCLUDED as part of this sale listing. Without these components, the weapons are INOPERABLE. These INOPERABLE weapons that are included as part of this specific sale are to be considered as DECORATION ACCESSORIES ONLY.

Decoration, riiiiight:

You Can Actually Buy This Electric Flame-Throwing Batpod

The Batpod is currently up for auction on eBay with a Buy It Now price of around £17,000, cowl not included. Ok, so they'll only ship it to locations in the US, but how awesome is that? [eBay via Cleantechnica]