You Can Soon Quit a UK Mobile Contract Without Penalty if Prices Rise

By Gerald Lynch on at

Mobile phone contracts can be lengthy, expensive things, leaving you paying through the nose for an out-of-date handset by the back end of a 24-month deal. Adding insult to injury, carriers could up the price of a contract with little warning, leaving you with a penalty fee if you can't foot the pricier bill and are looking to quit. Until now, that is.

Ofcom are now in the process of introducing new industry standards that would allow customers to quit a mobile contract without fear of being stung by a cancellation fee, in the event of the contract price rising before its previously-agreed conclusion. You tell 'em, Ofcom! While the new rules won't come into action for another three months (and will only take into account contracts signed after that point), it's a much fairer system being put in place.

Keep in mind though that Ofcom's plans don't allow for charges for out of contract extras, so if you're deciding to stream Ben Hur in HD in its entirety, you'd still better make sure that your data allowance can handle it. No wriggling out of that one. [Ofcom via Engadget]

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