You Woz Banned From Saying Innit at School, Yeah?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A London school is standing up for the English language by banning certain modern slang words and terms. Pupils at one South London academy have been banned from saying "innit," "coz" and "ain't," and have been told not to end their sentences with "yeah."

The new rules have been put into place at the Harris Academy in Upper Norwood, which also suggests starting sentences with "Basically" is wrong and has asked pupils not to come out with the classics "you woz" and "we woz" when speaking within earshot of staff.

Public response to the move hasn't been particularly supportive. While one London Labour MP is in favour of the rules, telling the Daily Mail: "Not many employers would tolerate their staff using words like 'innit' when speaking to customers or clients, so the school is right to try to discourage the use of this language in classrooms," the vocal masses on Twitter seem to think this is akin to racism. Or at least vague social snobbery. [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Twitter