YouTube Mash-Up Maestro Mixes LG's Latest Ad Using Sounds From Home Appliances

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We're not saying you're going to be fumbling for the nearest glowsticks and putting LG's latest advert on repeat or anything, but the company's latest creation, made with YouTube mash-up artisté Pogo, will definitely prick your ears up. Made using the sounds and skills of LG's home appliances themselves, Pogo also spliced in bits of audio from LG's old commercials, for a little nod to jingles of ye olden days.

If the sounds of the washing machine being shut fills you with the most unwavering joy, then you'll be pleased to know you can recreate that sound in your own home, with the 6-motion washing machine. Likewise, the charcoal-lighting heater microwave; the door-in-door refrigerator; the Kompressor vacuum cleaner; the True Steam dishwasher, and finally, the Hom-Bot Square robot vacuum cleaner.

Check out more of Pogo's mash-up work on his YouTube account.