10 of the Best Nexus 5 Cases to Protect Your Bargain of the Century

By Spencer Hart on at

So the Nexus 5 has finally been released, and now it's time to accessorise it like a five-year-old's Barbie. The Nexus might not have fancy clothes like the iPhone 5 but there's no reason Android owners can't have fun as well. If you go through phones faster than you go through toothbrushes maybe it's time to invest in a case. Here are the best cases currently available for your new pride and joy.


1.) Google Bumper

The Nexus 5 is a downright bargain, so how about spending some of that money you saved on an official case by Google. It's quite pricey at £24.99 but it works seamlessly with Google's wireless charger and comes in two bright, and two not so bright colours. [Buy the Google Nexus 5 Bumper Case for £29.99, Release Date TBD]


2.) LG QuickCover

Chances are you're going to want to protect the Nexus 5's glorious screen. The QuickCover, another official case available on the Play Store, adds minimal bulk to the phone, whilst still offering all around protection. Like Apple's Smart Cover, this case also unlocks your device. Available in black and white. [Amazon]


3.) Ringke Fusion

Do you fancy yourself as a phone case designer? Well the Ringke Fusion is the case for you. With a transparent back to the case, Ringke include a template that allows you to cut out your own designs and place them inside. Pretty cool if you are tired of waiting for that Pikachu-riding-a-pink-unicorn-attacking-garden-gnomes case to be made. [Amazon]


4.) Capdase Karapace

The Karapace is a thin, lightweight shell which protects your phone against minor impacts and cosmetic damage without adding too much bulk. Pastel colours are in this season (probably), so is there a better way to show off your fashion sense? Available in black, white, orchid pink and mint green. [Amazon]


5.) Cruzerlite Spi-Force

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes companies try to make their products more exciting than they actually are? Cruzerlite might be guilty with their rugged Spi-Force case. Made from shock absorbent TPU, this case is perfect for the extreme sports fanatic and the clumsy among us. Available in eight bright colours. [Amazon]


6.) Incipio NGP

The NGP is a soft, semi rigid gel case that protects your precious Nexus 5 against shocks and scratches while proving it with a smooth matte finish. What more could you want in a case? Available in green, pink, grey and black. [Amazon]


7.) Spigen Slim Armour

Quite frankly it's ridiculous that Google didn't release a gold Nexus 5; everyone's doing it and every consumer wants a gold phone. Right? Luckily Spigen is here to save the day with their champagne gold Slim Armour case. Offering good all around protection and style, it also comes in black and white (for those of you who don't want to look like a Kim Kardashian wannabe). [Amazon]


8.) Ringke Delight

The Ringke Delight is for the Nexus owner that likes to take life seriously; perhaps he/she is a business person or perhaps they just like flip cases. And faux leather. The oddly-named Delight looks "professional", has two slots for cards, a magnetic clasp and is made from premium Italian faux leather. Available in Black/Brown, Brown/Black and Teal/Navy. [Amazon]


9.) Incipio Dual Pro

The Incipio Dual Pro is a two-piece case, made from a silicone core and a 'rigid plextonium frame' (their words, not mine). With this case you'll be able to boast about its space age materials whilst feeling safe in the knowledge that your phone is well protected. Available in black, white, blue and pink. [Amazon]


10.) GENx Hybrid Bumper

This case has been designed to protect the edges and corners of your precious Nexus 5 whilst leaving the back open to the elements. It creates a textured grip while adding minimal bulk. Allowing for operation of all the controls, it does however seem to cover the (already quiet) speakers, so perhaps set your phone to vibrate. Available in Black or Black/Silver. [Buy the GEN x Hybrid Bumper for £12.99]


Bonus Novelty Case: Knitted Watermelon Phone Sleeve

Everyone likes knitted things. Luckily this entrepreneurial individual is offering Nexus 5 sized options for her cases already. These handmade cases are individual, charming and will keep your phone clean and protected from scratches. If you don't like watermelon (shame on you) there are 17 different patterns available in her Etsy store. [Buy the Knitted Watermelon Phone Sleeve for £10.53]