150 Album BT Music Streaming Service Still Hunting Labels

By Gerald Lynch on at

BT looks to be expanding its entertainment options further, with plans to launch a Spotify-rivalling music streaming service underway. However, early indications suggest you've probably got more CDs on your home shelves than it does in its digital library.

According to the Guardian, BT has only managed to secure a mere 150 albums in its first deal with label Universal -- not a patch on the millions of tracks offered up by Spotify. Negotiations with labels will continue however, so hopefully this will look a little more comprehensive before any eventual launch.

BT TV Unlimited subscribers will get access to the streaming service for free, while other BT customers can sign up for £3 a month once the digital jukebox goes live. BT are hoping to add live music video and karaoke features to the final package too, with the FT reporting that BT's streamer has been in beta testing for two months. Spare a thought for the dev teams stuck listening to the same 150 albums on repeat for eight weeks straight. [FTGuardian via TechRadar]

Image Credit: Graphic Analyzer Bars from Shutterstock.com