16 "Oh Shit, Next-Gen is Here" GIF Moments From Xbox One Demos

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We've not got long until the Xbox One touches down on November 22, but before you get your (months old) pre-order receipt out from your wallet, sit down and remind yourself that holy pants, next-gen is here! Let's go!


1.) and 2.) Forza 5 -- Car porn for petrolheads

Nothing says next-gen like a delicious look at the next-gen Forza title, and we're happy to say it delivers on all fronts. We'll just say doors and bonnets won't be the only thing rising when you pop the disc into your Xbox One. (via Uproxx) If you're after an actual look at what it's like when driving, look no further. Just remember, this is a game. Not real life. Feel free to pinch yourself.

(via NeoGAF)


3.) and 4.) Dead Rising 3 -- Who needs Shaun of the Dead?

You know what goes great with zombies and horror? Humour, and lots of it. The latest in the Dead Rising series looks like it'll be delivering plenty of laughs, as well as screams thanks to the sheer variety of what you'll be doing in-game. From slicing up zombies in a Borat-style mankini --

-- To taking them on with some highflying wrestling moves. We can't wait for this undead invasion.

(both via NeoGAF)


5.) Killer Instinct -- That's gotta hurt in the morning

The fighting game classic is back from the past with a brand new next-gen lick of paint on it, looking like the perfect game for button mashers to gorge on. Oh, did we mention it's free to play, too? (via NeoGAF)


6.) Ryse: Son of Rome -- Not Sparta

You may be forgiven for thinking this looks like a scene straight out of a 300 movie, but fear not, it's just Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome. (via NeoGAF)


7.) ...and no, no one will judge you for yelling "This is Spaaaartaaa!"

(via NeoGAF)


8.) Kinect Sports Rivals -- one for Sporty Spice

Don't write off this game just yet simply because it has 'Kinect' in the name: gone are the Xbox avatar-orientated graphics of the previous titles in the series, and in with some of the best vistas and waves you've ever seen. Plus, there's a new Kinect to play with, remember? (via NeoGAF)



Need we say any more? (via Kotaku)


10.) and 11.) Battlefield 4 -- Is this real life?

No need to rub your eyes with how realistic this looks. It's just Battlefield 4. (via Reddit)

Oh, we think this also adequately sums up the beauty of next-gen: Blowing up a plane in Battlefield 4 with a rocket launcher, all in glorious high-resolution. Michael Bay would be proud. (via Reddit)


12.) Lego Marvel Super Heroes -- HULK SMASH

A game where you can play as Lego versions of your favourite spandex-clad Marvel super heroes sounds like pure magic to us, but what we really want to do is jump into the Lego shoes of Stan Lee. Simply because he has pretty much every super power available, including a Hulk-like rage as seen above. We'll take two.

(Self-made GIF via YouTube)


13.) NBA 2K14 -- This isn't FIFA

Dance like LeBron James: Next-gen is here.

(via Tumblr)


14.) FIFA 14 -- *This* is FIFA

Fully-realised crowds, gorgeous-looking stadiums and even better physics are just a few of the added features to the premier footballing title for your Xbox One, but remember: This isn't just your annual FIFA rehash. This is next-gen FIFA. Score.

(via Uproxx)


15.) Need For Speed: Rivals - Not the Aaron Paul one

Yes, that is indeed a helicopter chasing you during a high-speed pursuit, and yes, it looks awesome.

(via NeoGAF)

Breaking Bad fans: Here's a bonus Aaron Paul GIF from The Price Is Right to make up for a lack of Aaron Paul.

(via Jest)


16.) Forza 5 - again.

We just couldn't resist even more car porn.

(via NeoGAF)

Top Image Credit: Giga Games