Will 2013's Nexus 10 From LG Hit the Play Store This Month?

By Gerald Lynch on at

LG has proved itself time and again with Google's Nexus handsets, and it seems now as though the big G could be handing the South Korean tech giants the reins to the Nexus 10 tablet line.

Update - A spokesperson for Telefonica/O2 has been in touch, denying the leak originated  from the company. "This is not a Telefonica image and we are not aware of a new Nexus 10," they state. The original story follows.

Pictures leaked to Reddit, apparently originating from the Spanish Telefonica network arm (a claim denied by the network), appears to show an LG-built LG-V510 tablet. Showing the "Google Experience" launcher (an exclusive of the Nexus 5), the tablet looks to have a very slim frame and will be offered up in both black and white colour options. If the poster -- rather than the network -- is to be believed, the tablet could land on November 22nd too, just in time for the Christmas consumer electronics rush.

One of the leaked pictures (posted below) seems to have been taken from O2, and reveals a price of £299, which seemingly would align with an LTE tablet price, given the pricing of the last generation of the Nexus 10 line. Why Google seems to have dropped Samsung, makers of the impressive 2560 x 1600 resolution original tablet remains to be seen, but here's hoping its again down to the potential for a heavily-subsidised entry price. [Reddit]