60 Per Cent of Heathrow T5's Light Bulbs Have Blown Since 2008 and Haven't Been Changed

By Gary Cutlack on at

Thanks to the high and curved design of Heathrow's terminal 5 building, your average, everyday maintenance man or janitor simply isn't able to reach the light bulbs up there in its glassy roof. So a team of specialist climbers has been hired to brighten up the gradually dimming departures area.

According to news portal Exaro, an email from a Heathrow manager confirms that not a single bulb has been replaced since the building opened back in 2008. The situation is so perilous that a "high-wire act" has apparently been hired to swap bulbs in the broken concourse downlighters, a task that's going to take them a staggering four months to complete.

The email from Heathrow customer service Vivki O'Brien says: "As many of you will have seen recently, the departures concourse has been becoming darker than normal in the late afternoons/evenings as well as in the early mornings. We recognised this as an issue several months ago, and have been working with Heathrow and your Health & Safety reps on an acceptable resolution." [Exaro via Standard]

Image credit: Intech Solutions