A Life-Sized T-Rex Replica is Your "Who Needs DNA Cloning?" Deal of the Day

By Mof Gimmers on at

This big old world is filled with weird and wonderful people, so there's no telling what'll get your rocks off. Some people like the opposite sex. Some like the same sex. Some like both. Some like inanimate objects because they don't decay, argue with you or try and get off with their work colleagues. In fact, it is a wonder us humans haven't ditched each other altogether.

With that, for those of you wanting something a little different in your life, why not have a look at this life-sized T-Rex replica that we've found for sale. It is going for £32,999.99, which might seem like a lot of money, but really, how much have you spent on dates, anniversaries and birthday presents? This is a sexual investment. Or something to frighten your neighbours with.



 -- Humble Weekly Sale - ZEN Studios Bundle -- Pay What You Want
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-- Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone (16GB UK SIM Free Unlocked) White -- now only £376
-- BlackBerry Z10 -- PAYG Upgrade £149.95
-- Sennheiser CX175 Earphones -- £14.99 and free postage
-- iPad mini with Retina display - WiFi - 16GB -- £287.10 Delivered (using code)
-- Toshiba 3TB Internal Hard drive -- £74.99
-- WD TV Play Media Player -- £39.99

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